Cappadocia is the point of the silkroad used for thousands of years joining the east and the west. Caravanserais located in allparts of Cappadocia are historical structures that tell about the intensity of trade. The most popular helpers of caravans are camels. The camel is a calm animal resistant to hot and cold weather and suitable for carrying heavy loads.These animals, which once served cultures and civilizations, now serve for tourism. We offer our guests a safe and authentic travel in a unique view of Cappadocia. You can be a piece of history with the possibilities of ancient times.You can join sunrise and sunset private tours with Savran Safari and you can also participate in camel safaris at different times during the day.

Included Hotel/port pickup and drop-off
Language English
Covid - 19 All cautions taken
Duration 1.5 Hours
Price € 40,00 (per person)
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